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Setting up Gmail with Salesforce

Employees spend a lot of time in Gmail and CRM tabs. A good number of them may have these two tabs perpetually open and active in their browser. Let’s take a moment to ensure that these tools are working harmoniously.

Effective Salesforce instances will utilize high transparency regarding the contact info and status of a lead, contact, client, or partner, but users may not have access to one another’s email discourse with these without request. This is where Gmail integration with Salesforce comes in. It can help your users increase transparency of communication with leads and will eliminate time spent on back & forth emails to be updated on conversations with leads or clients. After following these simple configuration steps, your employees can BCC the Salesforce-connected address with a few keystrokes to have email messages saved to their associated Salesforce record. It’s that easy.

1. Login to Salesforce

2. Click the cog icon in the top right and select Setup

3. Under Administration > Email > Email to Salesforce, ensure that the Active box is checked

4. Under Administration > Email > Enhanced Email, ensure that this object is enabled

5. Under Administration > Email > Lightning for Gmail, ensure that Enable Lightning for Gmail has been switched on, as well as Enable Enhanced Email with Lightning for Gmail

6. Click your profile icon in the top right and select Settings

7. Under Email > My Email to Salesforce, find the email address in the yellow box

8. Copy this email address

9. In a new tab, login to Gmail

10. To the upper left, above the ‘Compose’ button, click Mail

11. From the drop-down menu, click Contact

12. Create a New Contact, using ‘Record in Salesforce’ as a name and the copied address from Step 7 as the email address


Now when you wish to log an email with the associated lead, contact, opportunity, or even custom object in Salesforce, BCC ‘Record in Salesforce’ in that email, and it will be saved under the ‘Activity’ of that record. Hooray for correspondence transparency!

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